Work Remotely? Yes!

High Speed Internet, cell phone, and UPS/FEDx delivery services at the ranch community

Broadband Internet

The Berrenda Creek and Lake Valley ranch community has broadband internet services through Windstream and Hughes Internet. Several homeowners have professions that allow them to work remotely or run their small business from their home. Windstream provides a great 4MB line-of-site service and we have heard that Hughes recently upgraded to offer 10MB service.

Windstream and Cell Service

Windstream also provides landline phone services using a newly installed microwave canopy system and some residents use the Windstream radio-based phone service.

Cell phone services are available from the national carriers. The coverage varies depending on where you are on the ranch. In some homes there is 3G services and in other areas there are dead spots.

Package Delivery and Pickup

UPS, FedEx and USPS deliver to the ranches and there is a post office in Hillsboro.