Ranch Community Homeowners

There are 34 homes at the Berrenda Creek and Lake Valley ranch community. The community is currently the primary residence for most of the homeowners. There are a few properties being used as second homes. The residents are a mix of people who work in the local area or have professions where they can work from home, and new and seasoned retirees. Broadband internet and cell phone service at the ranch allow several of us to work remotely.

People living at the ranch come from near and far, including Albuquerque, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, Arizona, Iowa, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, and California.

“We moved here from Albuquerque to escape city life and continue our small business in a beautiful, quiet part of New Mexico.” –The DiVasto’s

“I’m an amateur astronomer and I love the dark skies of southern New Mexico.” — S.Oguz


“It’s all about the land, the light and the air. This is a beautiful quiet space; a good place to call Home.” –J.Schaefer


“I work from home. Having a second home at the ranch offers me the work-life balance I always searched for.” –L.Lord


 What do the residents do all day?

When friends and relatives come to visit and see the remote landscape of the ranch, they often ask me, “What do people do out here all day”. It’s hard to generalize what keeps the ranch residents busy on a daily basis, but it’s safe to say everyone in this community moved here to enjoy a remote, yet comfortable, lifestyle and the beauty of the New Mexico high desert.

When I think about my neighbors at Berrenda Creek and Lake Valley, the list of their interests and recreational pursuits seems endless. I know amateur astronomers and photographers, hikers, tennis lovers, horse lovers, birders, quilters, artists, a Native American artifact enthusiast, a musician, a horse trainer, wildlife lovers, a pigeon keeper, woodworking and metal art hobbyists, a fine art photographer, Internet junkies, those who love to cook and garden, coffee snobs, first responders and EMTs, mahjong players, people learning Spanish, sport game hunters, private plane hobbyists, Hillsboro Community Library board members, Hillsboro Corral members, public lands protection advocates, as well as volunteers at Hillsboro Fire Department, Desert Haven Animal Refuge, Deming Animal Shelter, Hillsboro Community Center, Hillsboro Historical Society, and Komen Race for the Cure.