Meet The Cattle

The Berrenda Creek and Lake Valley ranches include both residential homes and open-range land. Heritage Cattle Company currently runs cattle on both ranches and the adjacent public lands.

Residents are not involved in the cattle business, but there is plenty to enjoy about living on a working cattle ranch. In the spring, we see the cattle return from their winter grazing grounds to enjoy the high desert grasses on the ranch. During the summer and fall, the herd is moved to different grazing areas.

Occasionally, I can see the cattle from my house, but more typically I see them at a distance in the pastures and especially near the water drinkers.

Throughout the year, we see cowboys on horseback and in ranch vehicles doing routine maintenance, including trail improvement, fence mending, and checking water drinkers.

If you would like to know more about the grazing reservation associated with the cattle business, request a copy of the Berrenda Creek and Lake Valley conservation easementĀ deeds using theĀ contact form.